Let’s Chat


Grab a coffee and let’s have a chat. That’s how I like to begin our relationship.

Everything starts with you talking and me listening intently to your brand (or business) story so far.

I’m fascinated by the many and varied journeys a business might have been on. I’m intent on identifying and setting straight any branding issues your business may have.

Each story I hear is colourful and unique. And what I love most of all is the energy and enthusiasm that comes from you as your tale unfolds.

When it comes to fixing your brand problems, I don’t actually have all the answers. You do! So once we’ve got to know each other and I’ve begun to understand your issues, the work (or rather workshop) begins…

My favourite thing to do is get together with you and the other senior people in your business and get you engaging with your brand. There’s a real high in the room after a successful brand workshop session where senior figures have met minds and dug deep to fully explore the nuts and bolts that hold your brand together.

We may then have more questions to answer. We will certainly have some action points. We will also have many of the answers we need to carry your brand forward to the next level, whatever your ambitions are.