Do One Thing

Great, you want to get things done!

Go you, you just made the next important step towards building your business.

Join the ‘Do One Thing’ membership today and start really making things happen.

The ‘Do One Thing’ membership offers you an EASY way to make real progress using brand as a tool to achieve the right kind of growth for your business.


  • I like to think you’ll gain confidence in your branding and marketing skills.
  • I KNOW you will get some things done that will build your brand and therefore help to grow your business.
  • What’s more, you’ll also make contacts, as there will be plenty of opportunity to network with your fellow members inside the Facebook Group.

I also think that you will immediately start to save time and money in your business because you will be implementing your Brand Strategy and taking a more strategic approach to your branding.


Every week day you’ll receive an email exploring a brand related topic and providing a suggested task, along with links to any resources you need to complete the task. There’s absolutely no need to complete all of the tasks – just pick and choose the ones that seem relevant to you.

Over the course of the year, just simply by reading about the daily ‘Do One Thing’ tasks (whether you do any of them or not) you’ll start to gain a much better understanding of what it takes to build a strong brand for your business.

A week looks like this:

Mindset Monday – just me hyping you up, no actual task this day – hurray!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – some suggested tasks to do

Feedback Friday – I go live in the Facebook Group each week to talk through the topics we’ve explored. Come and join the LIVE to find out what you’ve missed, catch up with me and your fellow brand builders and finish the week on a high.

Join in the monthly meetup on Zoom to get together with other small business owners just like you and maximise your membership

Take advantage of a free 30 minute one to one to work through your biggest issues via Zoom

Branding is a marathon, not a sprint and even one year isn’t really long enough to do everything you could do to build the brand of  your dreams.  However, by joining ‘Do One Thing’ you’ll be on the right track, making space and time in your diary to work ON your business not just IN it and that’s the key to brand building success my friend!


Membership costs just £47 per month OR £564 for a year.

Let me ask you this. Is getting your branding sorted once and for all and growing your business worth that to you?

Hope to see you in the membership but don’t hesitate to email me: if you have any questions about whether it’s right for you.