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Build Your Brand – Grow Your Business

Four One-to-One Coaching Sessions – £500

In my short series of 1-1 training sessions, I will take you through the logical steps required to write a great Brand Strategy for your business.

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More about Build Your Brand – Grow Your Business

Build Your Brand – Grow Your Business is a short training course for small business owners keen to learn how to improve their business branding.

Delivered one-to-one online, the course helps you take actionable steps, with personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

Over the course of four one-hour sessions, we’ll work together to create a better brand for your business.

Key features:

Four one-hour sessions on Zoom

Focus on the problems you need to solve for your business

Take actionable steps towards improving your branding efforts

Develop a personalized plan tailored to your business needs

Learn how to take your branding to the next level

Delivered by a branding coach with 20+ years’ experience

At the end of the sessions you’ll feel fully confident about what a brand is, what YOUR brand is and have gained the knowledge, confidence and skills you need to get the most out of your brand as you take your business to the next level.

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Brand School

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If I could give you just ONE little tip as a Branding Consultant, it’s this:

I must admit, I do panic a little when you say you don’t have one…


All your other marketing, messaging AND business activity should be guided by what’s written in that document. Brand (as I’m sure you know) is absolutely not just about your logo, but it’s also not just about your wording, your tone, your imagery, your style OR your content themes.

Really, brand is about every aspect of how your business comes across, not only to your end customers, but to all of your audiences including your staff.

Business decision making…things like who you hire, what products and services you deliver and what kind of experience your customer gets should ALL be guided by your Brand Strategy.

Now do you understand why I panic a little bit when you say you don’t have one?

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Great, you want to get things done!

Go you, you just made the next important step towards building your business.

Join the ‘Do One Thing’ membership today and start really making things happen.

The ‘Do One Thing’ membership offers you an EASY way to make real progress using brand as a tool to achieve the right kind of growth for your business.


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‘Do One Thing’ is a 12 month guided membership programme designed to help you build the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to building your brand.

*NEW for 2024* a brand & marketing audit of your business

Daily emails with advice and guidance to keep you on track

A Quarterly 30 minute one-to-one Zoom call

Monthly Zoom Meet Ups, where we get together to network, collaborate and chat about branding challenges

Access to a private online community of like-minded business owners, where you can get feedback on your branding efforts and bounce ideas around

A library of resources, including worksheets, templates, and guides, to help you take action and make real progress

With ‘Do One Thing,’ the focus is on taking small, achievable steps towards improving your branding efforts. And let me tell you, even small changes can make a BIG difference

Not sure if it’s for you? Try TERM ONE only costing £150

To find out more about the benefits of being in a B is for Brand Membership, head to the MEMBERSHIP page of this website.