By now you know I’m a big fan of writing things down, right?

If you haven’t been applying any rules, now is the right moment to think what the rules might be. Ooohh! Guess what document will help you with that? Of course! Your Brand Strategy.

STEP 1: Maybe you didn’t realise, but you’ve actually been using some rules already, so make sure you capture those first. Do you always use certain colours? Do you know what the codes are for those colours? If not, it’s time to find out or decide.

Do you use specific fonts? You usually need around three (and then stick to them).

When it comes to imagery, do you always film or shoot in a certain location? Wear certain clothes? Use a particular kind of music?

STEP 2: Think about whether the rules you’ve already been using allow you flexibility to be creative over a long period of time. Your brand might need to develop more layers in the future. What might that mean for you?.

STEP 3: Maybe there rules you have subconsciously been applying to your visuals – but perhaps didn’t realise they were your brand rules? Do you use a certain tone? Do you cycle through a set range of different subjects? Does the image always include something, for example a specific item or colour? Are there certain words and phrases that you always use? What’s your style, tone and voice?

STEP 4: Once you’ve captured the rules you have been using and identified any subconscious rules, it’s time to think about any new rules that might be needed to support your brand strategy in the long term.

For example, as your brand grows, you might need to consider new colours or fonts that better reflect your evolving brand identity. You might also need to create rules around the use of video and imagery that support new product lines or campaigns.

STEP 5: As you develop your brand rules, consider how they align with your brand strategy and story. Your rules should be consistent with your brand values, tone, and voice. They should also be flexible enough to allow for creativity and experimentation while still maintaining the essence of your brand.

Don’t forget to document your brand rules in a clear and accessible way. This could be in the form of a style guide or branding manual that outlines the rules around colour, typography, imagery, and other visual elements. By having your brand rules documented, you’ll be able to ensure that your brand identity remains consistent across all touchpoints and that your team, partners, and agencies are aligned with your vision.

Coming up with your brand rules is such an important part of building a strong and consistent brand identity.

If all else fails or this task seems too difficult – call in the experts! Book a session with your brand photographer, graphic designer, copywriter or even your favourite Branding Consultant (ahem) and have a chat to them about the rules you can follow to reflect your brand strategy.

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