As a small business owner, it’s easy to get caught up working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ it. The demands of running a business (aka feeling like you’ve got to keep a million plates spinning at once) can make it seem impossible to take time away from the ‘day job.’

Here at B is for Brand Ltd, we do force ourselves though! We find that breaking out of our routine to do some face-to-face networking offers BIG rewards that make the time investment well worth it for us – and we think you will too. 

We make no secret that we’re big fans of networking events. We believe that having a strong network is the absolute lifeblood of our business. Even if you’re an introvert, we think you’ll find that there’s a networking option out there to suit you. 

As an extrovert/introvert team combo, we can assure you this is true!


You’re trying to grow your business, right? So there’s no point in ‘hiding your light under a bushel,’ as the saying goes. Being present at events raises your brand’s profile – end of story.

However, we know it can be a bit of a thought to attend your first event, as there’s a lot to think about (not to mention some investment required). Getting it right and preparing without wasting time, effort or money is all in the planning. We’ll expand on this a bit more later in the blog.

Getting it right is also in ‘all the little things.’ That’s one of our brand values! Having a wee surprise or two on your stand, or something to catch people’s attention as they pass by, can really help you stand out from the crowd. So put plenty of thought into your ideas and of course, make sure they’re in line with your Brand Strategy (see us after class if you don’t have one of these).

Once you’ve overcome your nerves, perceived lack of time or aversion to people, you’ll be able to take advantage of a new way to showcase what you do and let a new audience know all about you and why your ‘thing’ is special. Sounds pretty good, right?

After all, building your brand and growing your business is all about being seen and remembered (for the reasons you want to be!)


Meeting new people can lead to valuable business connections. It’s not just about handing out business cards; it’s about making connections and building lasting relationships. You never know when a casual conversation could turn into an exciting opportunity. Think of the conversations you have on the day of the event, as the beginnings of new relationships.  

More work is required after the day itself.  We’ll blab on about this a bit more later but in case you don’t read that far, in a nutshell:

  1. Follow up on social media
  2. Reach out by email 
  3. Arrange to meet your best contacts for coffee (or on Zoom) after the event is over.  

DO NOT go on the sales push…just to begin to grow and nurture the new relationship you’ve made.


We’re also firm believers that ‘every day is a school day’ and we think that events are an absolute goldmine for learning something new. Whether it’s a local networking event or a big industry conference, we’re pretty sure you’ll always find something that will inspire you to think about things that could work in your own business. 

Whether it’s something a speaker says, a nugget from a workshop, or even a casual chat over a cup of coffee, we usually find that there’s a little thing that sparks ideas that really help us develop and grow our own ideas. 

We’re confident this is something you’ll benefit from too – along with the BUZZ of energy that lasts a long time after the day.

B is for Brand with Ailsa Stinson Brand Advice Pencil


There are so many different types of events you can attend as a small business owner, you’re actually spoilt for choice.  Here at B is for Brand, we regularly go online networking AND we love attending face-to-face events (have we mentioned that already?) But if you’re not quite ready for in-person events, then why not try a virtual event to dip your toe in the networking world? 

We highly recommend it.

From your local Chamber of Commerce meetings and niche-specific business mixers, to country-wide virtual networking groups, there really is a type of event for everyone. Below, we’ve shared some events we love that we think are perfect for meeting other small business owners, finding support and advice, making and connections with potential clients. If you’re not near us, simply replace the word ‘Scotland’ with your local area and see what comes up in your Google search!

Our suggestions: 

You can also Google ‘small business networking events’ or check out sites like Eventbrite or Ticketailor to find out what’s on locally.


These types of events cost big bucks and attract a larger type of business on the showstands.  However, as a small business owner, you can still go along as a delegate to learn from top experts and meet a wide range of people. 

You never know, you might even find yourself on a stand or as a speaker on the stage one of these days! You’re planning to grow your business, aren’t you?

Our top suggestions: 


These are smaller, learning focused sessions where you can get hands-on training on specific topics that are relevant to your stage in business. However, they’re also a great networking opportunity that is missed by many! Learning sessions are a great way to meet peers at a similar stage to you and you never know who might be able to help or who might know your next client.

Our suggestions:

  • Business Gateway: They hold lots of regular in-person and online events on specific topics as well as networking events. Many of their events are free to attend. 
  • The Federation of Small Businesses regularly hold free online networking sessions and less often free in-person ‘bootcamp’ events.
  • Circle Networks (our favourite online networking group) hold quarterly small business bootcamps packed with value for small business owners.


Informal gatherings of professionals from your niche. These are great for more casual networking and learning from others in your industry. 

Our top pick is:

  • Scottish Marketers – a newly formed group for marketers based in the Highlands of Scotland (which funnily enough, is our stomping ground too).

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to think outside the box!

Ailsa snuck off to the Royal Highland Show last week, which isn’t an event you’d immediately associate with a branding consultant…here’s why she managed to swing that one as a business trip!

One of the niches we serve is the rural community and we work with LOTS of farming and countryside based businesses. So for us here at B is for Brand, the best way to build relationships is to go to events where we can meet farm and countryside based businesses. Tara and Jen would like to point out that they may also be required to attend next year…

Think: Where are your customers hanging out?


Set Clear Goals

What do you want to achieve? Whether it’s making new contacts, learning a new skill, or promoting your business, having clear goals will keep you focused on the day (we all know how easy it is to get side-tracked by freebies). 

Research Attendees and Speakers

Know who’s going to be there. Make a list of people you want to meet and sessions you don’t want to miss. This way, you’ll make the most of your time at the event and you won’t leave feeling like you’ve missed out on any opportunities. 

Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

Be ready to introduce yourself and your business in a clear, concise, and compelling way. Practice your elevator pitch (in the mirror, to your dog…) so you can confidently explain who you are, what you do, and the problem you solve. 

Bring Business Cards

It might seem ‘old school’ but business cards are still essential for making connections. They’re also great for taking part in some prize draw action!  Don’t forget to consult your brand identity guidelines when getting your cards designed – consistency is key. 

Leave a Lasting Impression

As we mentioned above (so important we mentioned it twice) if you have a stand at event – take time to consider what ‘freebies’ you want to offer. 

Offering free food will always grab attention (we’re simple creatures really) but consider how your ‘freebie’ will leave a lasting impression on your ideal customer. It’s unlikely a few Celebrations will do the trick. Consider something that aligns with your Brand Strategy and your brand values (we would say that – but trust us, it’s the little things that make all the difference). 


Follow Up

Send a personalised email and/or a LinkedIn connection request to the people you met. Keep the conversation going and build on the connections you made.

Share Your Experience

Write a blog post and share a post on social media about the event. You can mention your key takeaways and tag any new connections you made. This will help to position you as the engaged and knowledgeable business owner you know you are and it will also give you relevant content for a good while beyond the event itself. 

It may even help you take the next step in the relationships you made on the day, with your new connections likely to be interested in content relating to the event you’ve just attended.


Here at B is for Brand, we love helping small business owners make the most of their brand. Whether it’s getting your Brand Strategy right, helping you get really clear on your story and message or crafting killer elevator pitches, we’ve got your back. We want you to take the leap, get out there, and attend an event and we’d love to hear how you get on! Just get in touch for a free chat or drop us an email if you have a question we can support you with – for free. 

Did we mention that’s free?

Bye for now…

B is for Brand – Achieve Brand Clarity