Is it your story…?

This month, I’d like to take you on a little journey to explore a crucial aspect of crafting a compelling brand story.

One big brand secret I’d like to share with you is that your brand story isn’t really about you!

The real art to brand storytelling is to place your customer at the heart of your brand’s story – an approach that can help you to forge deeper emotional connections.


Stories have highs and lows, challenges, obstacles and ultimate victories. They have heroes, sometimes villains and almost all compelling stories also have a ‘guide’ (hint, that’s you).

Think of your favourite Disney movie, Marvel adventure or Jane Austen novel and you’ll start to understand what I mean. Can you identify the ‘flawed hero’ character who really needs some help? Can you identify who acts as their ‘guide’ helping them overcome challenges and obstacles, to achieve their goals?


Try to think of your customer as the ‘main character.’ As you tell your brand story.

Your role, is to be by their side, helping them overcome the challenges or obstacles they face. This is what they’re looking for – a guide to help them, not another hero on a mission.

Take the time to understand their experiences, challenges, and aspirations. By doing so, you can craft a story that is about your business, but features them at the centre. Use ‘you’ and ‘I’ in your storytelling to connect and to speak directly to them.

As you and your brand step into the role of the ‘guide,’ your story can reveal what problems you’ve spotted that they need to be solved. Talk about how you can and want to help them, showing them how your products or services might just be the perfect answer they’ve been seeking.


A powerful story isn’t just about talking—it’s about listening and what’s more, a ‘brand story’ doesn’t have to be a single piece of writing on the ‘about’ page of your website. Why not give your customers a platform to share their experiences and insights? Their voices will enrich your brand narrative and create a sense of community. They will talk about the problems they faced and how you have helped them to find the perfect answer.

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Just as characters undergo transformation in stories, your customers should experience positive change through their interactions with your brand. Showcase real examples of how your offer has transformed their lives, making their stories integral to yours. What’s more, people will believe just about anyone else other than you when it comes to seeking an opinion on you! So another reason to let your customers do the talking.


Authenticity comes from genuinely caring about your customers and their stories. When they feel seen, heard, and valued, their connection to your brand deepens. This is when a really strong brand story starts to emerge and your customers become your brand ambassadors.


A great brand story is a living, evolving thing. As your brand journey unfolds, keep shining a spotlight on the impact your customers make. Highlight their successes and contributions, showcasing how their involvement makes your brand story even more meaningful.

If you take away one thing let it be this…

Remember that at the heart of your brand story lies your customer—the true hero of the story.

Embrace their journey, empathise with their challenges, and celebrate their victories. By doing so, you’ll not only connect on a profound level but also create a story that resonates with your whole ‘tribe’ for years to come.

Bye for now Brand Builders!