Is ‘Owner Overwhelm’ holding you back?

Do you ever think about how much more profitable your company could be ‘if only’ you could get on top of your marketing? Could you be tempted to free up your own time and give yourself the potential to make more money, by outsourcing?

Having supported countless organisations to develop their brands, ‘B is for Brand’ owner Ailsa Stinson realised that every single one of them had the same problem:

Finding the time to actually do what needs to be done!

It’s for this reason she decided to start building a small marketing team so that ‘B is for Brand Ltd’ could support small businesses to…well, win (and keep) more business.

Marketing activity that grows your business

If you’re a small business owner, it’s not going to be news to you that the following kind of simple (but none-the-less time consuming) activities are important to visibility:

  • Keeping your website and social media up-to-date is like creating your virtual shop window.
  • Writing blogs & newsletters help with your SEO and help to keep you top of mind. If you want to rank highly on Google without paying for it – blogging is an absolute must do activity.
  • Updating the many platforms (such as Google) and directories (for example Yell) so that your website is found in multiple places and ranked well
  • Other marketing activity such as securing PR & Media coverage or jumping on topical issues to add commentary are great for endorsing your business or positioning it as worthy of consideration and attention.

All of these things take skill, time and effort but done well, can make a huge difference to building your brand and growing your business. As a small business owner it’s not only exhausting, it can also take you, the business owner, away from other tasks that really require time and attention. What’s more activities like PR can be overwhelming unless you’re a great writer, well connected in the media sector or simply just love knocking on doors (in a virtual sense).

It’s possible that in the course of your work, you also want to be out there meeting customers, attending events and trade shows and carrying out additional networking activity, so that you can both make connections and get to know your customers.

B is for Brand with Ailsa Stinson Brand Advice Pencil

So how can you make space in your diary to do all of these things?

Maybe your business has grown to the stage where you have employed an experienced Marketing Manager, or maybe you’ve outsourced to an agency? Great! Now next level growth is in your grasp.

If you’re still a wee bit smaller than that, but are now looking to take the next step, ‘Owner Overwhelm’ can be a massive blockage to moving forward at the pace you’d ideally like to.

This is exactly the point in your business growth journey at which the new ‘B is for Brand’ marketing service could help you.

What does it cost?

B is for Brand charge £75 per hour with a minimum contract of 4 hours per week providing the additional benefit of a low level commitment to help you manage your budget. There’s no minimum term with only one month’s notice required.

If that sounds affordable and intriguing, Ailsa would love to chat to you about the many ways she and her small team could support you to maximise your 2024 revenue by giving your business that extra push.

Please feel free to use your preferred communication method to reach out to Ailsa (she’s on most of them except X!).

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