We all make mistakes, right?

Surely that’s a universal truth…

Even the ‘best’ experts in any field can’t be immune to the occasional slip-up and (I know, I know, you’d hardly believe this but…) the same is true for me.

In a recent LinkedIn Live broadcast & ‘Buffalo Sessions’ podcast, I had a moment when I lost my sure footing and I’d like to reflect on it here.

As someone hugely passionate about branding, I’d suggested the name for the episode:

“The Power of Three.”


Without having done any homework, I was under the impression that it was the title of a marketing book, only to discover later that in fact it wasn’t! I mean, it should be, right?

There’s a TED talk (in fact multiple TED Talks) on the subject and it’s a phrase referenced in many marketing texts (also sometimes the ‘rule of three’)

Of course in maths, when something is ‘to the power of three’ it’s cubed and therefore bigger than it was…which was also behind my thinking for this particular episode as we were three field experts coming together to share our best marketing tips with our listeners.

I chatted to my fellow guest, social media guru Rik Courtney about it later. He also, had been convinced it was a book (thanks for helping me save a little bit of face there Rik)!


At first, stumbling over this felt like a hiccup in an otherwise smooth conversation. However, one of my brand values is ‘Every day’s a school day’ and my minor blunder made me think long and hard about the importance of embracing (and fessing up to) my mistakes.

Here’s what I’ve come to realise:

Humility in Expertise: Even experts have gaps in their knowledge. Acknowledging this fact will not only keep me humble but also open to continuous learning.

Creativity in Mistakes: Mistakes can be the birthplace of creativity. My accidental suggestion may even have sparked an idea for a future book or project!

Connecting with Others: When we admit to our mistakes, it humanizes us in the eyes of others. I’d like to think that we become even more relatable, approachable, and more empathetic.

Growth through Reflection: Reflecting on my mistakes will help me to learn from them and to evolve my thinking and my approach (I’ll be better prepared next time) It’s how we refine our skills and become better at what we do.


So, while “The Power of Three” may not (yet) be the title of a marketing book, it’s now a part of my journey—a reminder that mistakes are stepping stones to growth. It’s a reminder that even in the world of branding, networking, and social media, where precision and expertise are paramount, we’re all still learning.

In the end, I believe that it’s how we handle our mistakes that really defines what kind of person we are. Instead of dwelling on them, I want to embrace my mistakes, learn from them, write about them and ideally, use them a catalyst for future success.

After all, it can even be these moments of imperfection that lead to our greatest achievements.

Who knows?

I might just write that book…