Hello! I don’t know if you really love getting unsolicited advice but, if I could give you just one little tip as a Branding Consultant, it’s this:


I must admit, I do panic a little when you say you don’t have one…


All your other marketing, messaging AND business activity should be guided by what’s written in that document. Brand (as I’m sure you know) is absolutely not just about your logo, but it’s also not just about your wording, your tone, your imagery, your style OR your content themes. Really, brand is about every aspect of how your business comes across, not only to your end customers, but to all of your audiences including your staff.

Business decision making…things like who you hire, what products and services you deliver and what kind of experience your customer gets should ALL be guided by your Brand Strategy.

Now do you understand why I panic a little bit when you say you don’t have one?


Having a written Brand Strategy in place improves your brand’s CLARITY & CONSISTENCY of message (I’m a big fan of writing things down).

It also improves the CONTROL that YOU, as the business owner, have over everything that’s produced on behalf of your brand AND the decisions that your staff make when you’re not there to guide them.

What’s more, it enhances the CONVICTION you AND your staff feel towards the business, because you’re all aligned around a common purpose. Staff WANT to make the right decision for your business because they feel proud of and committed to the BRAND they work for.


I’m still not convinced it’s worth the time and effort Ailsa! Tell me more, tell me something a Brand Strategy can do for me that I’ll REALLY care about?

It saves you TIME and MONEY.

Who doesn’t want to hear that?


  1. When you have a Brand Strategy in place, you save time AND effort, because you don’t need to keep re-inventing the wheel and generating new content for your marketing ALL of the time.
  2. You attract the right people, so you save time and money on recruitment AND get applications from candidates that are a good fit for your brand.
  3. You have a place to start when you have to make ANY business decision. Decisions become much easier, so take less time. Just ask ‘Which option is the best fit for our brand?’ Your team make the decisions you’d want them to make, even when you’re not in the room – because they make choices that are in line with the Brand Strategy.
  4. You make less mistakes (therefore saving money) because you get things right first time.
  5. You spend less on marketing because people hear about your business and get your message much quicker!

Those are perhaps my top five, but I could go on…


I spend almost all of my time at work helping other business owners to WIN at branding by getting a written Brand Strategy in place. It’s the thing I’m pretty much known for. The ONE BIG PROBLEM I focus on solving.

Actually writing a strategy is a great first step. When I’m finishing up working with them, I always say to my clients:


But guess what? Very often, the busy business overwhelm takes over and their Brand Strategy gets set to one side, if not actually physically placed in the drawer. Nobody’s checking up, so hey, what does it really matter (ummm, it matters because now you’re losing out on all of those benefits I mentioned)?

So I got to thinking that there was a SECOND problem I could help clients with. ACOUNTABILITY!

That’s when the idea for the ‘Do One Thing’ Membership started to grow in my mind. I had a lot of self-doubt and overwhelm of my own to deal with, so I kept batting my project to the left. BUT…

MY purpose at B is for Brand is to help other businesses, like yours, WIN at branding.

So I realised I wouldn’t be living up to my purpose if I didn’t do something to help. This year I’ve put my big girl pants on, GLUED myself to my desk for hours on end, heck I’ve even been on a retreat lately, all in an effort to get things done (any old excuse quite frankly – it is the school holidays)!

So, the good news is that I’m now getting very, very close to being ready to launch the B is for Brand ‘Do One Thing’ membership. I’ve even set the date!


Just as soon as my new website is launched, I’ll be opening registration, BUT it won’t be open for long!

As this is the first year, I’ll be calling this my Founder Members Cohort and there will be very limited space available in the membership.

Inside of the ‘Do One Thing’ membership, my Founder Members will get lots of FREE access to resources and videos that are going to be paid options in the future.

This is the ONLY year that I’ll be giving you so much free content and in return, I’ll be looking to you for feedback, to help me fine tune for future years.

As ‘Do One Thing’ is part of my BRAND SCHOOL offer, we’re going to follow the school term time too! The membership will begin in August, just after the schools go back.

There will be four terms in a year, each term being eight weeks long, with a nice chunky break in between.

Every day from Monday to Friday, you will receive an email with instructions, a short task to do and a link to any resources you need to complete the task. My promise is that no task will take longer than 30 minutes to complete. A week looks like this:

Mindset Monday – just me hyping you up, no actual task to do this day – hurray!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – the actual work days with tasks to do

Feedback Friday – hand in your homework in the Facebook Group or just hop on over to have a moan about how busy your week has been and make excuses for not getting your one thing done.

Friday is also an extra chance for you to catch up with any task you missed in the middle of the week.

I’m setting a pretty easy pace. Branding is a marathon, not a sprint and I want you to stick with the marathon training, so it won’t feel like it’s too hard to fit in (and you WON’T drop out of school!)


I like to think you’ll gain confidence in your branding and marketing skills. I KNOW you will get some things done that will build your brand and therefore help to grow your business. What’s more, you’ll also make contacts, as there will be plenty of opportunity to network with your fellow members inside the Facebook Group.

I also think that you will immediately start to save time and money in your business because you will be implementing your Brand Strategy and taking a more strategic approach to your branding.


For Founder Members only, there will be an ultra-special, never to be repeated, lifetime membership price of £1 per day, five days per week, so just £20 per month.

Let me ask you this. Is getting your branding sorted once and for all and growing your business worth that to you?

As mentioned, Founder Members will also get lots of free video content and resources that will not be available in future years (because it will become part of a paid for course I’m launching next year).


Interested? Then head on over to: www.bisforbrand.com and when the pop-up box appears, subscribe to my newsletter. When registration opens, you’ll be notified!

Hope to see you in the membership but don’t hesitate to email me: ailsa@bisforbrand.com if you have any questions about whether it’s right for you.

By for now!

B is for Brand – Achieve Brand Clarity