Here are B is for Brand’s five simple steps to help you plan your ‘Elevator Pitch,’ so you’re never stuck for words again when someone asks you what you do.

Step 1 – Say ‘Hello’, say ‘I’m (your name)’, say, ‘It’s lovely to meet you!’

Step 2 – Say: ‘My business is called (name of your business)’ and it helps these kind of people solve this (big) problem. It makes them feel (a positive feeling).

Example: My business is called Lossie Legal and it helps families in Lossiemouth to get the important legal jobs done so they have everything in place in case the worst happens. My service enables my customers to spend less time worrying, because they know they’re prepared.

If you don’t know what general problem you solve for your ‘tribe’, you need to work this out.

Step 3 – Then find out which type of potential customer you are talking to today by asking them. You could say something like: ‘Does that sound like the sort of problem you can relate to?’ Listen carefully to their response, so that you can both identify which type of customer profile they best fit and also understand the specific problem you could solve for them. Have several different sentences prepared, one for each of your target types of customer.

If you don’t know what your target types of customer are, you need to work this out!

Note: If you have by now established that the person you are talking to is not your potential customer, you’re done talking! Just make sure they heard the big problem you solve and then move on to start asking more about them – at least you will be making a new contact and that contact will know what to say to spread the word on your behalf!

Step 4 – If they do identify with the problem, ‘make the ask.’

For example: ‘Do you want to book a call, so I can help you get your important legal jobs out of the way? It only costs £100. It could be the best value you get for £100 this month! Think of the peace of mind you’ll have when you know you’re prepared, no matter what happens.’

This sentence should talk about the transitional change your customer will have made when they have used your product or service (in the example above, they’ll have gone from feeling worried to being and feeling prepared).

Step 5 – Don’t forget to ‘close out’ the conversation. Say something like: ‘It was really nice chatting to you. Here’s my card. Do give me a call at Lossie Legal if you ever start worrying about any issues relating to family law, because I’m here to help get the important legal jobs done!’

Here’s a little video linking to a guy who manages to explain pretty much the same thing, but in only THREE steps:

Elevator Pitch – Do your elevator pitch in 60 seconds and nail it! – Bing video