I love how animated people get when they share with me the story of where their brand idea began, the journey they’ve been on and the struggles their brand faced before they came to the point where they met me. They draw me in with the magic, the enthusiasm and the excitement they felt as their new venture took shape. Then they win me over with the happy picture they paint of a time when they have achieved what they set out to do. This shared moment of intimacy helps me fall in love with them as a client. They are really letting me in, sharing personal moments and emotional highs and lows. It really helps create a sense of ‘who’ their brand really is.

So it should be when you tell your brand story. You can tell it to me, I’d love to hear it. Of course it would be much more lucrative to tell it to your customer… by the way, my fave all time brand story is of course the legendary Innocent Drinks. Do check it out, I challenge you not to feel engaged with their brand – you’ll probably even go out and buy a smoothie! It’s a perfect example not just of a great brand story, but how to use brand right throughout your business (including to engage and motivate employees).

More on that next time…

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