My Brand

Findhorn beach image for branding consultant Ailsa Stinson

I believe in…

All the little things – I look at all areas of your business, big and small, to make sure your brand is embedded deep in the heart of what you do

Busting a gut – I work hard to ensure that you, the client gets best value for money

Chatting while the kettle’s on – sharing a cuppa provides me with an opportunity to converse in an informal setting, focussing carefully on listening to your needs

Donning my thinking cap – the most important item in the corporate wardrobe. I’ve always got mine on

Every day as a school day – I’m continuously learning and growing my knowledge to share with you.

While I’m of course capable of helping you with a sharp marketing plan, what I most want to bring to your business is a powerful brand strategy. This is where I can add most value and make the biggest difference to the way your business is perceived both internally and externally.

Now let’s get together and talk about the ABCs of your brand.